4 03, 2015

Mansory Garia Mansory OFF-X Technical Refinement Program RamSpeed

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Motivated by conversions of some famous brands such as Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon, Mansory has taken matters further with GARIA. Already being heavily updated and modified GARIA, Mansory recently decided to give the Garia Mansory OFF-X, which is a leisure cum golf car some serious technical update converting it into a bit of semi-off road vehicle. The wheels are with a wider track and the latest fenders are quite dramatic in outlook.   This is quite some significant change from the earlier standard version (GARIA GOLF) leisure cars. The brake system is more powerful now such as to provide support to the off-roading ability of the vehicle, not only that they are larger in size now than the standard model. The gearing system with sporting new transmission provides for a slick and smooth drive experience. The battery charged operations work with a Samsung Lithium Battery Pack and an upgrated controller system. This provides for a rapid acceleration coefficient.

1 03, 2013

Mansory Garia Mansory Currus Superior Customization RamSpeed

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Garia just launched its latest version of high-end golf cars called the Garia Roadster (Garia Mansory Currus) which is designed in close collaboration with Mansory. The very limited edition car, whose production units will be only 7 in total available for sale comes with some lavish and luxurious options for both interior and exterior. The interior constitutes of genuine leather seats and carbon fiber body among many other details. The custom seating options are very comfortable and provide the feel of sitting in a sports car. The interior finishing is premium and it never seems like you are sitting in a golf car at the end of the day. It comes with an adjustable setting provided for motor braking and battery regeneration while driving. The car has three separate modes for the type of driving that you would like to do, namely: Golf Street Race These modes have different acceleration and speed parameters. These settings