26 07, 2012

ABT SportsLine Volkswagen Golf R

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The Golf Sport Has A New Name – ABT Golf R When ABT Sportsline deals with the VW Golf, the result is traditionally a compact super sports car. This is because the world’s largest tuner of vehicles from the Volkswagen group has given all generations of the successful Wolfsburg car an optical and technical boost. The current super Golf answers to the letter R, which announces the most important characteristics of the car: the "R" stands for "racing" - it transports the experience of ABT, which has recently defended its DTM title and won the ADAC GT Masters. Instead of the series-standard 270HP (199 kW) the engine now offers a dynamic 310HP (228 kW). With a high-speed of 261 km/h the ABT R is a special car, capable of springs from a standstill to 100km/h in 5.2 seconds. “The compact car is really good fun, particularly on corners”, states Hans-Jurgen Abt. For the General Manager

24 07, 2012

VW Golf R, Installation of RamSpeed DC-92 Wheels

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VW Golf R which we just recently tuned and installed full adjustable height rebound coil overs suspension on is back in our RamSpeed workshop. This time for fitment of new RamSpeed DC-92 wheels in gunmetal with gloss black outer lips. Rear view of the VW Golf R with its original factory standard exhaust system. Detailed view of the VW Golf R's original Volkswagen wheels, to be replaced with new RS DC-92 wheels in gunmetal with gloss black outer lip. RamSpeed DC-92 wheels with gunmetal centre and black outer lip along with matching RamSpeed centre caps installed on the VW Golf R. Detailed view of custom RamSpeed centre cap to go with the newly installed RamSpeed DC-92 wheels. VW Golf R installed with 19" RamSpeed DC-92 wheels and fully adjustable height rebound coil overs suspension system.

10 07, 2012

RamSpeed Custom Forged DC-92 Wheels With Gunmetal Centres and Gloss Black Lip For A VW Golf R

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Great looking set of RS DC-92 in 19” wheels with gunmetal centres and gloss black lip, flawlessly matching the gloss black accents on a white VW Golf R.   Detailed view of RS 19" DC-92 custom forged wheels in gunmetal with gloss black outer lip, to be installed on a VW Golf R.

4 07, 2012

ABT SportsLine – Volkswagen Golf VI

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VW Golf VI (5K0) - ABT SportsLine Aerodynamic Body Kit Link To Official ABT SportsLine Website What more can one say about a car that has been one of the most successful models of all time over the past three and a half decades and after which an entire class of vehicles is named? Perhaps that the latest generation of this stateof-the-art Volkswagen Golf lays down the benchmark in every respect – and that despite this fact, ABT has once again succeeded in applying the perfecting touches: dynamically elegant bodywork components, the very finest in automotive technology and an impressive hike in the engines’ power output put this ‘classic car’ in a class of its own, enabling this German legend to once more take off where we at ABT last left off. And the same goes for efficiency, too: for example, after undergoing the ABT treatment, the works 1.4 TSI, 122 hp engine

21 06, 2012

VW Golf VI TSI, Custom Painting of ABT SportsLine Front Grill & Installation of LED Lights

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VW Golf Vi TSI in our RamSpeed workshop for repair of front bar and installation of ABT SportsLine LED lights. We custom painted and installed the ABT SportsLine front bumper and grill plus installed new ABT LED lights on this Golf.