22 03, 2017

Jaguar XK Enhancement by Arden RamSpeed

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We’re used to seeing the modifications of Arden on various supercars and sports saloons. This is bit different, though – Arden has got its hands-on Jaguar XK and the results are incredible. Arden body enhancements give your Jaguar sportier and more elegant styling. All Arden aerodynamic parts are designed to improve the driving dynamics and active safety of your Jaguar XK. For XK, there are three different optimization options available: the Arden AJ 14, the Arden AJ 15 A-Type and the Arden AJ 16 A-Type Lightweight RS. Enhancements in Jaguar XK Arden AJ17   AJ17 receives its stunning appearance with an all-inclusive aerodynamic package comprising of front and rear aprons, side skirts and a discreet rear spoiler. The aerodynamic package not only provides striking appearance but also greater contact pressure for enhanced driving experience. The finely polished and classic hand-crafted Arden stainless steel grille improves the brake cooling and gives an elegant look to the

29 10, 2016

Arden Body Kit for Jaguar X-Type RamSpeed

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German tuner Arden has dedicated itself for over forty years to the tuning of British cars and is one of the leading addresses for customers looking to emphasize the typical features and customize their Jaguars. Arden has already devised an extensive range of modifications for the latest Jaguar models. Arden Jaguar X-Type is the latest that has passed through the hands of Arden. Body Kit Enhancements   Arden X-Type AJ 18 consists of front and rear aprons, side wells and rear spoiler. The package not only gives imposing sporty appearance but also provides a greater contact pressure for the improved driving experience. The list of tuning parts is awe-inspiring. They appear to be more powerful – the German tuner breeds a real wild cat. The car sits on a set of 18-inches wheels. The multi-piece Arden alloy wheels in 18” give your . =0">Jaguar X-Type a sporty look and the wheel tire combination guarantees optimum

12 08, 2016

Jaguar F Type exterior program by Arden RamSpeed

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German tuner Arden is offering exterior modifications for the Jaguar F Type, a car widely recognized as one of the prettiest coupes. Having specialized in customizing Jaguars since the 70s, Arden has enormous experience in working on the Coventry carmaker’s vehicles. Modifications in Jaguar F-Type exterior program Arden has taken its tuning spanners to all manner of Jag, Mini, Range Rover and Bentley products in the past, but Jaguar F Type is the ultimate expression in their oeuvre. The stand-out of Arden’s cosmetic tuning is the option of a leaping cat for the bonnet. This type of option has not been seen on factory European Jags for decades. Other modifications include front and rear spoilers, aluminum grilles and contrasting trim on the rear diffuser. The most striking modification is Arden’s own 21-inch alloy wheels and aero flaps for the front spoiler. There’s also the option to lower the suspension by up to 30mm, squatting the

18 05, 2016

Jaguar S-Type Body Kit by Arden RamSpeed

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To most of us, Jaguar S-Type is synonymous with perfection and elegance. It has gorgeous bodywork, powerful engines and a lively attitude on road. Arden, a German tuning company that has been updating Jaguars for the past 40 years, has this time chosen Jaguar’s most intricate vehicle, S-Type. Modifications in Jaguar S-Type As the Arden Jaguar S-Type, this big cat stands out with a displacement-increased engine and offers pure, exquisite Jaguar enjoyment plus that distinguishing Arden touch. With the S-Type, Arden contrasts the more delicate appearance of the production version with a muscular look. The AJ 17 Body kit consists of front and rear aprons, side wells, and a rear spoiler.  Along with impressive appearance, the aerodynamic package provides a greater contact pressure and thus an enhanced driving performance. The big cat creeps up on its prey on new 19” multi-piece Arden alloy wheels produced using state-of-the-art machines in the exclusive Arden "Sportline" design. In combination

10 05, 2016

Jaguar F-Pace AJ 25 Facelift by Arden RamSpeed

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Arden has revealed a redesigned beast of  F-Pace, badged "AJ25". Starting with the outer looks of the beast, Arden has installed a high-quality, hand-made stainless steel radiator grille for the original Jaguar F-Pace AJ 25 front bumper. It accentuates the elegant sportiness of the car.  To add personalization, it is available in different colors. The stunning side bars are made of stainless steel and are surely exceptionally eye-catching. In addition, the radiator grille includes the lighting which can be switched on with the ignition key. Adding a touch of personalization  The end caps of the gladiator grille can be designed individually and can be covered in carbon. To add more individual elegance to your Jaguar F-Pace, the Arden Leaper is optically and technically perfectly manufactured. It is approved by German TÜV. Arden Sound System Enhancements for your F-Pace To add more sound effects to the diesel engines, the Arden Sound System gives your F-Pace a