15 01, 2015

Mansory Ferrari La Revoluzione Bodykit Customization RamSpeed

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Ferrari is as synonymous with sportscars as no other brand. Now, Mansory has released a complete customization program for Ferrari F12. Mansory has not only optimized the aerodynamics of the F12 but has created a completely new skin for the car. The details of the tuning program for La Revoluzione are- Aerodynamics The choice of material is carbon fiber which combines the strength and lowest mass like no other material. The front of the car has got a wide variety of inlets and outlets of the air guidance system for engine supply and cooling of the braking system. Other aspects of the exciting bodywork design are the double-walled exhaust tailpipes on both sides. Interiors The interiors match the transformation of the outer skin. The interiors are again designed with carbon fiber and there is an extravagant use of finest cowhide leather and Alcantara. The color matches the vehicle shell: red. Wheels Mansory has developed wheels specifically