2 12, 2015

Mansory Lamborghini Carbonado Apertos Enhancement Program RamSpeed

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Mansory just released an enhancement program for the very limited edition Lamborghini Carbonado Apertos. The people at Lamborghini wanted a company fully aware of carbon processing and using it for creating body parts for the car. Mansory as was selected by them has the most experience when it comes to carbon and with in-house autoclaves. This gives them absolute freedom to in creating a wide range of work when it comes to customized body work. Exhaust: The new exhaust system runs from the engine to the stainless steel tailpipes at the back of the car. The result is the extensive boost that the car gets in engine performance, torque, acceleration and top speed. Engine and performance: Mansory is known in the market to do some over the top stuff and they have done nothing less with the Lamborghini Carbonado Apertos. Simply speaking, they have rebuilt the V-Engine and replaced all the internals with racing parts