5 03, 2014

Mansory Lamborghini Carbonado GT Total Conversion Kit RamSpeed

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Mansory did it again with one of its super conversion kit for Lamborghini Carbonado GT paving its way to the topmost modification specialist companies out there for exotic cars. A carbon fiber weave with a stealth-look is being used, which is being exclusively deployed by Mansory in vehicle construction. Aerodynamics: The bodywork done is pure carbon fiber which is high strength and of premium look and feel. There is so much work done at the rear, front and the sides that make it seem like Mansory has put a lot of effort in this kit.  There is the striking skirt with improved air intakes for keeping the radiator cool. Then there is the new lip spoiler and the premium looking daytime running lights which give the Carbonado GT an aggressive appeal. Engine: The car has been completely overhauled by Mansory and the 6.5 liters V12 Cylinder and has fitted it with twin turbochargers. The internal pistons, rods,