15 10, 2014

Mansory Lamborghini Competition Modification Program RamSpeed

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Mansory just released a new body package for the Lamborghini Competition which is like Mansory sending a message that it is going to do things differently with this vehicle series.  The aerodynamics and body are the areas where the major conversions have been done. The body has been fully redesigned by modifying the front, rear, and sides with some serious accessories which bring about a significant change in the aerodynamics and performance of the vehicle. The body is fitted with all-carbon fiber fitments. The car now sports a Front bumper which comes in two types the front bumper competition I and II. It has visible carbon fiber without clear coat, air intakes grill visible, carbon fiber primed without a clear coat. The side skirts paired with lips, air intakes, visible carbon fiber primed without a clear coat.  The rear bumper looks very cool which is visible carbon fiber primed without a clear coat as well.