3 03, 2015

Mansory Lamborghini Torofeo Carbon Fiber Upgrades RamSpeed

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Mansory did an excellent job with the carbonado and continuing that legacy they have performed serious bodywork with Lamborghini Torofeo. The sports car Torofeo has taken its name from Toro meaning bull and the Super Trofeo Motorsports Range. Hence the name by Mansory. In fact, not only the body work, changes have been made to the interior and engine as well. Body and Aerodynamics: Mansory being an expert in carbon fiber bodywork did some critical adjustments despite Lamborghini’s own. The new carbon fiber body speaks for itself. The aerodynamics engineering is completely reflected in the body of the car.  Carbon fiber fitments being lighter and stronger make up for maximum performance. Body widening done is 30mm at the front and 40mm at the back. The air intake channels are very useful and stylish providing much-needed cooling to the engine. At the side, wheel arches and mirror housings are designed as a trademark of Mansory modifications.