29 04, 2017

Mansory 4XX Siracusa Spider Body Kit Customization RamSpeed

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Mansory 4XX Siracusa Spider is the ultimate open-air sports car with a mighty 790 horsepower. The 4XX Siracusa Spider is Mansory’s open-top version of the Siracusa supercar. The specifications of the Mansory uplift program for Siracusa is given below- Aerodynamics The highlight of the fully overhauled Ferrari 488 Spider is the spectacular bodywork design. Though, the engine, wheels, and interiors have also got impressive upgrades. The entirely redesigned body design is not only visually impressive but also technologically sound. The air inlets on the new front apron are modified to provide optimal air flow into the cooling unit. Other enhancements include the front lip which provides improved drive and road-gripping. The new day driving lights increases passive safety. The side skirts, the carbon fiber rear-view mirror view housing, and front fender bears the Mansory’s signature style. The body kit enhancements for Mansory 4XX Siracusa Spider are a perfect blend of unique design and high-tech functionality.

23 03, 2017

Mansory adds New Charisma to the Mercedes Benz S63 AMG Convertible RamSpeed

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Mansory, the car refinement company presents ‘Black Edition’ S-Class Cabrio at the Auto-Salon in Geneva for its world premiere. Mansory's ‘Platinum Edition ‘S63 Coupé, was limited to just 6 vehicles. The specifications of the tuning program for Mercedes Benz S63 AMG Convertible include- Aerodynamics The main highlight of this makeover is the newly designed aerodynamic kit. The shape of the new carbon skirt revolves around the striking front apron with integrated bumper canards, LED daylights, and air intakes. With the ultra-light hood, the fresh air enters the intake system via an NACA duct. The side sills between the wide fenders on both axles, smoothen the airflow to prevent unwanted turmoil on the 50-millimetre wider body. The rear spoiler, the rear apron and the mirror complete the package. All the body kit components show red visible carbon fiber and are painted in liquid black. Performance Mansory has replaced the turbocharger and sports air filter with a

11 03, 2017

Mansory Maserati Levante Refinement Program RamSpeed

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The Maserati Levante refinement program by Mansory is basically a complete overhaul of the car in a sense. There are some major visible and audible changes that you can take note of. This is the reason why Mansory is the best at what they do producing unique upgraded models. Aerodynamics and body: The body has been significantly widened. The front side sports lip and daytime running lights. There is also the front splitters and new grill mask. The wheel wells are significantly given more area and so are the door attachments. The roof and rear spoiler give the car a truly aggressive look. Wheels: The new alloy wheels installed are an exact match to the car complementing it in every way. The super high-performance tires installed are of the dimensions 265/35 in 9x22 inch front wheels, and 295/30 tires adorn the 10.5x22 rims at the rear. They come in Diamond Black and Diamond Silver variant.

12 02, 2017

Mansory Mercedes Gronos Black Edition Refinement Program RamSpeed

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Mansory presents a new version of its successful refinement program for the Mercedes-Benz G-Class in a limited edition of 6 models. The new Mansory Gronos Black Edition has been given a matt black painted carbon fiber body complemented with a new air control blade.  The modified vehicle has got an incredible 840 hp, unique alloy wheels 23 inches XXL format and striking leather interior. The specifications of the program are- Bodykit The wider fenders make the most significant feature of the new body kit customization. With the new extensions and side skirts, the G-model expands by 40 millimeters at the edges. The carbon specialists at Mansory have revised the front and the rear of the Gronos Black Edition. The series bumper has been replaced by a newly designed off-road front bumper with underride protection. The rear bumper has also been replaced by a customized carbon bumper. Mansory manufactures all its body components with carbon. The

27 01, 2017

Mansory Refinement Program for Mercedes AMG GLS 63 RamSpeed

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Mansory is synonymous with the refinement of luxury cars. Mansory with its customization program for Mercedes AMG GLS 63 has once again proved itself as the top address for sporty accessories, exciting body design, and sporty accessories. The specifications of the tuning program are- Aerodynamics Mansory body modifications characterize sporty elegance. The new front spoiler with large air intakes and the integrated daytime running lights and front lip gives GLS 63 an even more dynamic look. The newly designed front is completed with a weight-optimized bonnet. 25 millimeters of widening to the front and 40 mm to the rear wheel arches gives the car a powerful impression. The new side skirts give the SUV coupe’ a stretched and lower appearance. Mansory fits an elegant spoiler to the Mercedes original tailgate and a diffuser rear spoiler which gives additional downforce. Wheels Mansory uses 22”-MULTISPOKE rims or the all new Y5/1 rim with the XXL dimensions of