19 02, 2014

Mercedes Benz SLS MEC Design Upgrades

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MEC Design has a number of upgrades for the Mercedes SLS such as body kit components, performance exhaust systems, coilover suspension and a number of wheel options. The MEC Design front bumper includes a mesh insert and optional LED lights. MEC Design also offer a front lip spoiler together with their front bumper. The lip spoiler comes in one or two pieces and a choice of a carbon fibre finish. The side skirts offered by MEC Design add to the SLS's design and functionality. These side skirts also have an optional LED option. MEC Design has 4 difffuser options ranging from elegant to sporty. All available to paint or in a carbon fibre finish. Below is the MEC Design Extreme diffuser The Formula diffuser hides the exhaust tip and is more suited for those who want less extreme styling. One of the more striking and head turning diffusers is the GT3 option. The Black Series

24 09, 2013

Mercedes Benz R230 MEC Design Axiom One Widebody Kit

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MEC Design has an created an amazing widebody kit for the Mercedes Benz SL called the Axiom One. The complete upgrade includes a number of MEC Design's unique tuning options. The widebody kit includes: - MEC Design front bumper with front lip - MEC Design rear bumper and diffuser in carbon finish - MEC Design side skirts with LED lights - MEC Design bonnet - MEC Design front and rear wings - MEC Design rear spoiler Other tuning options include: - MEC Design aluminium wheels CC5 - MEC Design ELS lowering module - MEC Design LED mirror upgrade - MEC Design TV module - MEC Design Roof One Touch (ROT) module - MEC Design floor mats and trunk floor mat - Black Series W209 sports steering wheel