19 05, 2014

Mansory Mercedes Benz AMG 6X6 Masculine Refinement Program RamSpeed

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Mansory introduced the new Masculine refinement prlogram for the Mercedes Benz AMG 6X6.  This program strives for making the already bulkier looking off-roader to put on some muscle and make it look more rugged. The engine, interior, and exterior have gone under the hammer for completely overhauling the image and personality of the beast. Here is the brief of what they have done: Performance and Engine: The AMG 8 cylinder Twin Turbo engine has been beefed up with racing components. Almost everything which makes the vehicle go zoom has been fitted with genuine racing parts like pistons, crankshaft, cylinder head, connecting rods etc.  The result is an engine performance from 544 PS (400kW) to an incredible 840 PS (618kW) and a torque of 1000 Newton-meters. Exhaust: The exhaust has been completely redesigned as well from the manifold to the stainless steel double end pipes providing for excellent performance results. Interior: With a lavish approach towards