11 11, 2015

Mansory Mercedes Benz C Class Customization Program RamSpeed

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Mansory introduces a new customization program for the Mercedes Benz C Class which focuses on aerodynamics and visual appeal more. Although, this program has some significant upgrades for other aspects like engine performance, wheels, interior etc. the highlight being the aerodynamics. Using ultra-light carbon fiber, Mansory has put in a front lip spoiler, the new carbon bonnet, and the illuminated grills alongside the wings complete the modification process. The ergonomically redesigned sports steering wheel is the highlight of the interiors. The redesigned form makes it more comfortable in the hand and still retains the functions that come in standard. The cockpit has been designed from the fine varieties of leather which have been carefully crafted by hand. The redesigned sports steering wheel, aluminum pedals, leather bound foot mat set, and illuminated door sill panels give the interiors a luxury look. The extended wheel houses are filled with exclusively forged wheels with central locking system. The