10 08, 2014

Mansory Mercedes Benz G Class Customization Program RamSpeed

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Mansory has released a new customization program for Mercedes Benz G Class. The specifications of the program are- Mercedes Benz Mercedes G Class gets a masculine and powerful appearance, thanks to the wing attachments made of ultra-light carbon that add 40 mm to the chassis’ width.  This is coordinated with the front bumper and its integrated LED lights. The rear spoiler design, MANSORY-made side skirts as and trims for its headlights, taillights, and spare wheel complete the exterior modifications. The interiors of Mercedes Benz Mercedes G Class come in an innovative design. The highlights of the interiors are the four single sports seats which give passengers an incredible experience when driving the winding roads. Mansory combines the rear seat entertainment components with finest materials, such as high-quality leather, carbon fiber or aluminum. The modified Mercedes Benz Mercedes G Class comes equipped with four high-performance tyres (305/35 R 23). The new monoblock SUV rims measure 23