10 03, 2010

Carlsson Drops Hammer On Mercedes C Class W204 Ramspeed

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The Mercedes C Class W204 looks even better with a more brilliant and sporty outlook shining like an African diamond purest from the mines with the new Carlsson design. The Carlsson designers have made sure that the elegant lines of the current C-Class are skillfully emphasized. The Carlsson designers have made sure that the overall original look and feel of the Mercedes C Class W204 remains intact. The double headlamp unit, stainless steel front grille, aero kit, alloy wheels and many other components give the C-Class a very up and up dynamic appearance. Carlsson has just introduced a new performance kit CK63 which constitutes of the special electronic set-up of the engine management system, Vmax delimiter, Special air filter, Carlsson performance insignia. For W 204 (336kW (457hp)) after optimization: max. power: 371 kW (505 hp) / 6800 rpm max. torque: 650 Nm /3800 rpm V-max: 300 km/h (limited), 0-100 km/h: 4,1 sec. The interior has