7 12, 2014

Brabus Mercedes C Class W204 Upgrades from RamSpeed

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Bottrop-based Mercedes modification firm, Brabus has released a new tuning program for Mercedes C Class W204. The Brabus C class refinement program is subtler than others and includes power boost and upgrades in aerodynamics, wheels, exhaust, suspension, and interiors. The specifications of the program include- Brabus Performance - PowerXtra  The new C Class is already a true performer and Brabus has further cranked it with the special performance boost. The C Class sees a remarkable improvement in performance after the installation of the latest performance PowerXtra kits. Performance kits gasoline engines BRABUS performance kit B63 S for vehicles up to 03/2007, for vehicles with EU 4Base C 63 (M 156) +54 kW / 73 hp; +50 Nm tp to 390 kW / 530 hp; 650 Nm consisting of: metal catalyst system, sports air filters, modified engine management, incl. Vmax de-limiter BRABUS performance kit B63 for vehicles from 03/2007, for vehicles with EU 4 Base C