10 06, 2008

Carlsson Modifications for Mercedes CL CLASS C216

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A coupé with the space of an S-Class. Sound unbelievable? Mercedes CL-CLASS C216 is one of the largest and the most luxurious available coupes. Carlsson has focused on the smallest details of the CL and refined the coupe with a high-class interior, power boost and enhanced drivability, giving an outstanding performance. The specifications of Carlsson tuning program for CL-CLASS C216- Engine Mercedes CL-CLASS C216 is induced with Performance Kit CK63, which consists of the special electronic set-up of the engine management system, Vmax delimiter, special air filter, and Carlsson performance insignia. Performance Kit CK63 boosts the power to 415 kW (565 hp) / 6700 rpm simultaneously raising the torque to 680 Nm / 5200 rpm.  This performance kit is compatible to following engines: M 156.982 M 156.984 M 156.983 M 156.981 M 156.985 M 156.980 Wheels The Carlsson 1/10 wheel is available in both Brilliant and Titanium Editions in 18, 19 and 20-inch diameter. Interiors