11 01, 2017

Mansory Refinement Program for Gronos Black Desert RamSpeed

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Mansory has refined the Mercedes G500 4x4² into the Gronos Black Desert. The modified vehicle comes with 440 millimeters of ground clearance and a wading depth of one meter. The specifications of the program are- Aerodynamics The manufacturer from the Fichtel Mountains has not confined the modifications to the carbon expansions like the manufacturer from Untertürkheim. Rather Mansory technicians have designed a complete widebody for the tail vehicle. The new side sills and door skins have increased width between the huge mudguards. The newly designed front apron with underride guard has transformed the appearance of the model. Also, the front lights with intelligent indicators are inserted into nine pinpoint sized openings. Four powerful auxiliary headlamps have been added on the roof of the vehicle. The wide body kit for Gronos Black Desert is made up completely out of carbon. There is no other brand that can provide the high-quality carbon fiber just like Mansory. The

4 12, 2016

Mansory Bodykit Customization for Mercedes G500 4x4sq RamSpeed

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The Mercedes G500 4x42 is one of the most stunning cars on the road. The wide, flared wheel arches and an impressive height of this off-roader is what makes it apart from the other SUVs. Mansory, the Bavarian car modifier, and carbon fiber specialist has modified and created an unsurpassed G-Class for their exclusive clientèle. The modified G500 has abundant carbon, a fabulous interior and significant increase in performance. The specifications of the tuning program are- Bodykit The bodykit upgrades include a new front spoiler with LED headlights and a new hood. The carbon fiber added in the front shape the nose of the MANSORY 4x42.The flanks are decorated with mirror housings, air intakes on the front wheel arches, and handles and trim. The roof and roof spoiler have plenty of visible carbon. To round off the carbon cladding, Mansory has redesigned the rear apron and panels to accommodate the lighting units.  Performance Mansory has