7 01, 2017

Brabus Mercedes GLE Coupe C292 Upgrades RamSpeed

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Well-known Mercedes tuner Brabus has gotten its hands on the new Mercedes GLE Coupe’ C292. The result is a highly-modified Coupe’ that has received a muscular look, a more comfortable cabin, and a comprehensively upgraded engine. The specifications of the program are- Brabus Performance - PowerXtra  The most important component that makes Brabus tuned model stand from its regular production counterpart is found under its hood. Bigger tubes have been fitted, and these now draw air from a duct under its hood. The Coupe’ gasoline and diesel engines have got the enormous performance boost, thanks to the Brabus PowerXtra kits. The details of the same are- Performance Kits for Gasoline BRABUS PowerXtra B63S-700 Base GLE 63 S Coupe’ + 85 kW / 115 hp; + 200 Nm to 515 kW / 700 hp, 960 Nm Vmax: 300 kmh/h BRABUS PowerXtra B63-630 Base GLE 63 S Coupe’ +33 kW / 45 hp, +80 Nm to 463