24 10, 2017

Mercedes Benz 463 Edition G63 AMG G-Wagen by RamSpeed

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As a founder of the business, I have had the privilege of driving many different high-end cars over the past few years. Even still, very rarely do I have the chance to get behind the wheel of an automotive cult car like the Mercedes Benz G63 AMG or its latest incarnation, the ‘Edition 463’ (Above, standard, unmodified G63) To find customers ready to play and improve on the status-que is not easy, particularly in Australia where the cost of these vehicles is quite simply ridiculous. None the less, some may argue modifying these cars is sacrilegious and some do welcome a fresh, new and even more exciting opportunities with open arms. (Above. Strip down and pre fitment of Brabus kit parts and re-wire for LED lights installation) This is yet another Mercedes G63 AMG modifications we have undertaken this year. Our first incorporated an entire colour change, however, this white example, pushes the modification boundaries

23 03, 2017

Mansory adds New Charisma to the Mercedes Benz S63 AMG Convertible RamSpeed

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Mansory, the car refinement company presents ‘Black Edition’ S-Class Cabrio at the Auto-Salon in Geneva for its world premiere. Mansory's ‘Platinum Edition ‘S63 Coupé, was limited to just 6 vehicles. The specifications of the tuning program for Mercedes Benz S63 AMG Convertible include- Aerodynamics The main highlight of this makeover is the newly designed aerodynamic kit. The shape of the new carbon skirt revolves around the striking front apron with integrated bumper canards, LED daylights, and air intakes. With the ultra-light hood, the fresh air enters the intake system via an NACA duct. The side sills between the wide fenders on both axles, smoothen the airflow to prevent unwanted turmoil on the 50-millimetre wider body. The rear spoiler, the rear apron and the mirror complete the package. All the body kit components show red visible carbon fiber and are painted in liquid black. Performance Mansory has replaced the turbocharger and sports air filter with a

11 01, 2017

Mansory Refinement Program for Gronos Black Desert RamSpeed

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Mansory has refined the Mercedes G500 4x4² into the Gronos Black Desert. The modified vehicle comes with 440 millimeters of ground clearance and a wading depth of one meter. The specifications of the program are- Aerodynamics The manufacturer from the Fichtel Mountains has not confined the modifications to the carbon expansions like the manufacturer from Untertürkheim. Rather Mansory technicians have designed a complete widebody for the tail vehicle. The new side sills and door skins have increased width between the huge mudguards. The newly designed front apron with underride guard has transformed the appearance of the model. Also, the front lights with intelligent indicators are inserted into nine pinpoint sized openings. Four powerful auxiliary headlamps have been added on the roof of the vehicle. The wide body kit for Gronos Black Desert is made up completely out of carbon. There is no other brand that can provide the high-quality carbon fiber just like Mansory. The

7 01, 2017

Brabus Mercedes GLE Coupe C292 Upgrades RamSpeed

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Well-known Mercedes tuner Brabus has gotten its hands on the new Mercedes GLE Coupe’ C292. The result is a highly-modified Coupe’ that has received a muscular look, a more comfortable cabin, and a comprehensively upgraded engine. The specifications of the program are- Brabus Performance - PowerXtra  The most important component that makes Brabus tuned model stand from its regular production counterpart is found under its hood. Bigger tubes have been fitted, and these now draw air from a duct under its hood. The Coupe’ gasoline and diesel engines have got the enormous performance boost, thanks to the Brabus PowerXtra kits. The details of the same are- Performance Kits for Gasoline BRABUS PowerXtra B63S-700 Base GLE 63 S Coupe’ + 85 kW / 115 hp; + 200 Nm to 515 kW / 700 hp, 960 Nm Vmax: 300 kmh/h BRABUS PowerXtra B63-630 Base GLE 63 S Coupe’ +33 kW / 45 hp, +80 Nm to 463

12 04, 2016

Mansory Customization Program for Mercedes AMG GT S RamSpeed

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Mansory, the Bavarian tuners are renowned for their special and unique detailing to the refinement of a vehicle. The latest customization program of Mercedes AMG GT S by Mansory has raised the blood pressure of the true sport vehicle lovers. The specifications of the program are- Aerodynamics Mansory’s wide bodywork package includes design elements such as the hood in red exposed carbon and targeted enhancements to the front, rear and side. The front spoiler reduced lift which improves the handling and agility of the GT S. With extensions of 25 millimeters per side, there is plenty of space for wide tyres with great traction. The rear spoiler in combination with the rear diffuser provides more downforce and ensure extra grip on the road. All the bodywork components of Mansory are manufactured in the traditional way from carbon. This high-tech procedure reduces the vehicle weight and brings improvements in acceleration, braking distances, and energy consumption of