25 06, 2012

Aerokit for Aero Kit I Panamera S & 4S 2010

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TECHART AeroKit I Program for Panamera S & 4S TECHART has completed its Individualization Program for the Porsche Panamera model range. As of now, sportscar lovers are able to get the Panamera S and the all-wheel-driven Panamera 4S refined according their own vision. TECHART in every detail OE quality in every detail – true to the own brand principle TECHART has developed the Individualization Program for the Panamera model range in its well-known and extraordinary style. Only genuine TECHART individualization reflects the typical TECHART design philosophy – technical and aesthetical, visible and invisible. The Aerodynamic Kit I presents the four-seater in an elegant and excitingly sporty way. The three part front spoiler discreetly hallmarks the dynamic front apron of the Panamera. At the same time, it reduces effectively the buoyant forces at the front axle and ensures optimal flow of cooling air to the braking system. The transmission of power to the road is