4 07, 2012

ABT SportsLine – Volkswagen Polo

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VW Polo (6R0) - ABT SportsLine Aerodynamic Body Kit Link To Official ABT SportsLine Website ABT SportsLine Rear Skirt Set for Volkswagen Polo ABT SportsLine Rear Spoiler for Volkswagen Polo ABT SportsLine Decal Set for Volkswagen Polo  

2 03, 2012

VW Polo TSI, ABT SportsLine Exhaust System

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VW Polo TSI in for installation of ABT SportsLine performance exhaust system. Rear of VW Polo TSI on the hoist getting its original stock exhaust removed, making room for new ABT exhaust system. ABT SportsLine exhaust with centre pipes and ABT rear diffuser with carbon fibre look installed on VW Polo TSI. Rear view of VW Polo TSI installed with ABT exhaust and carbon fibre rear diffuser.