2 09, 2015

Mansory Porsche 918 Tuning Program RamSpeed

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Mansory just scored big by their announcement tuning the Porsche 918. The Swiss car tuning company has a solid history and credibility when it comes to tuning high-end sports and luxury cars. With the recent inclusions of Bugatti Veyron and Ferrari, Mansory soars high in the sky as a car tuning brand. The default Porsche 918 comes with 887 HP and 944lb-feet torque and goes from 0 to 100 in 2.6 seconds. Already a beast, Mansory had some real challenge here to fine-tune such a fabulous base vehicle. Here is what they did  in Interior’s, wheels and Aerodynamics: Interior: Mansory team has completely overhauled the upholstery inside using leather and carbon fiber on the seats and fittings. Same goes for the sports steering wheel and the selector lever, central console of the car as well as the seats. Wheels: The wheels-tyre combination is pretty good with the Y5/1 lightweight metal rims featuring dimensions of 10x22 inches on the