28 07, 2014

Mansory Porsche 970 Panamera Facelift Full Modification Program RamSpeed

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Mansory has done it once again proving why they are the best at what they do by introducing a full modification program for the Porsche 970 Panamera Facelift.  The modification program includes a big time engine boost, specially forged Spyder rims with increased tire width, grand interior with superb upholstery and a fully aerodynamic body kit. Mind you, the Panamera Facelift is already a car with the word “facelift” in it as originally modified from a previous version, so it was already a challenge for folks for Mansory which they gladly accepted and produced an awesome result. Wheels:  The wheels are spider themed web designed monoblock in 9,5 x 22  with 263/30/22 tires on the front and 11 x 22 with 305/25/22 tires on the rear axle. The construction method (forged) makes for a light weight rims improving its acceleration, braking behavior, and handling. Engine: For the 4.8 liters Panamera, the power package has risen