19 05, 2017

Hamann Maximum Forms and Function for Rolls-Royce Wraith RamSpeed

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A Laupheim based car tuning company Hamann Motorsport is a perfect car tuner in the world. It is known for the elements it adds to your luxury cars and take your breath away. With Rolls-Royce Wraith, it has surpassed all the levels of excellence. Here are the specs in detail: Engine and performance Hamann Motorsport has installed the best power advancements for its Rolls-Royce Wraith. It has optimized the ignition map to improve the torque and power yield. As we all know that BMW owns Rolls-Royce and Hamann is an expert in modifying BMW models. This engine gives exclusive power delivery to your Rolls-Royce Wraith. Exhaust system Hamann Motorsport exhaust system has solid sound and is based on indispensable luxury model. The mufflers are made up of stainless steel available in the market. Not only this, the configuration of ample mufflers’ integration in the rear skirt is commendable. It offers complete solution and perfect adaptation.

4 05, 2016

Novitec Supersedes The Modification Game With Rolls Royce Wraith Upgradation RamSpeed

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Novitec has launched itself again to the moon of super professionals after modifying the Rolls Royce Wraith and have proven once again why they are one of the best in the business. From engine tuning to body refinements they have performed it all. Every modification done has been developed by taking into consideration the complete form and function approach. Same as in performance aspect, the modification is not limited here, they go beyond performance and into visual appeal as well with aerodynamics. In fact, here are the specs for the entire work done: Engine and performance: Engine development being at the core of the Novitec program, they have fused in critical factors to make you comprehend what’s different when you get it done from Novitec with the SPOFEC N-TRONIC technology. Here are the details: SPOFEC N-TRONIC: The SPOFEC N-TRONIC is a processor-controlled device that will be connected to the original engine management with the delivered

14 01, 2016

Mansory Rolls Royce Wraith Latest Performance Package RamSpeed

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Blessing the Rolls Royce Wraith with extra elegance, Mansory just provided it with a two color tone in petrol blue and chrome. And not just that, with a penchant for British luxury cars modification, Mansory is more than just a world recognized brand for tuning and accessories, they have defined the process of how luxury cars should be modded. With this idea at their core, they have redefined the Rolls Royce Wraith with a complete performance package and here are the specs: Engine: The standard version approves of 632 PS (465 kW) and maximum torque of 800 Newton-meters under the hood while Mansory has gone above and beyond the standard with 740 PS (544 kW) and with a maximum torque of a 1,000 Newton meters. This engine performance is attained by an exhaust system tuned right to the tailpipe and with some super-technical refined engine characteristics. This ramp up the o-100kph in 4.4 seconds and