27 02, 2013

Audi RS4 B7, Mov’it Ceramic Braking System

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Mov'it Ceramic Braking System for an Audi RS4 B7. FRONT: 396 x 40mm 6 piston REAR: 380 x 32mm 4 piston Car is getting prep’ed for the big guns – German made 600 HP supercharger upgrade.. Detailed view of the Mov'it ceramic braking system installed on the Audi RS4. Audi RS4 B7 with the new Mov'it braking system installed, you can see the newly installed Mov'it yellow brake calliper in the background. Mov'it ceramic braking system, complete with ceramic brake discs, big performance brake callipers and brake pads.

4 06, 2012

Audi RS4 B7 V8, Stage 2 Supercharger Upgrade – Software & Dyno Work

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Audi RS4 B7 V8, Stage 2 supercharger installation - software and dyno work. Complete exhaust system, downpipe, high flow 100 cell cat, X-Pipe rear mufflers with custom black painted tips. Gruppe M carbon fibre cold air intake with K&N air filters. Complete custom upgrade to exterior, blacked out surrounds, wheels, badges, painted brake calipers, Ramspeed carbon interior upgrade. Detailed view of Audi RS4 B7 engine bay with supercharger installed with Gruppe M carbon fibre cold air intake. Audi RS4 B7 V8 with stage 2 supercharger upgrade including complete high flow cat back exhaust system, getting ready for a dyno run.

20 03, 2012

Audi RS4, Custom Exterior Modification With Matt Black Theme

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Audi RS4 in our Ramspeed for full exterior modification, which includes custom painting of all wheels in matt black, black out exhaust tips, side mirrors, boot cover, front grill and Audi badges. Audi RS4 on the hoist getting ready for air filter installation. You can see the standard appearance of the vehicle before exterior modification. Audi RS4 with fully customised exterior components and window tinting to match the matt black theme in front of our Ramspeed workshop. Side mirror covers custom painted in matt black for Audi RS4. Detailed view of Audi wheels custom painted in matt black, brake calipers also repainted with red "RS" logo to match the theme. Rear view of Audi RS4 with boot cover, rear diffuser and Audi badge all custom painted in matt black. Also fitted with new aftermarket tail lights for a more menacing look. Detailed view of Audi badge custom painted in matt black for Audi