4 07, 2012

ABT SportsLine – Volkswagen Scirocco

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VW Scirocco(1K8) - ABT SportsLine Aerodynamic Body Kit Link To Official ABT SportsLine Website They sow the wind… and reap the whirlwind. Or in this case, a uniquely sporting, on-road experience. Named after a hot Saharan-Mediterranean wind, the Scirocco kicked up a real storm – of praise and market appreciation – when it first debuted back in 1974. Now, it’s celebrating its comeback – and like a breath of fresh air: with increased power ratings up to 240 hp, elegantly aerodynamic add-on body components, dynamic chassis and suspension technology and much much more, the experts at ABT have breathed yet more life into the latest generation of this spectacular sports coupe. But the ABT Scirocco is also fully on message with the wind of change: the 1.4 TSI engine, for instance, churns out a massive 210 hp – more power than the larger 2.0 TSI power unit in its series-production form –

18 05, 2012

ABT Sportsline VW Scirocco For Sale

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ABT Sportsline VW Scirocco for SALE Spectacular VW Scirocco for sale only 4 in Australia. Base in Sydney. Vehicle Details: - Volkswagen Scirocco 2009 - 2.0 TSI with DSG - 25,000 km - Stock performance: 200 HP / 147 kw / 280 Nm - Rising blue colour Extras: leather trim, xenon lights, navigation, electric driver seat, heated seats, video on demand. RamSpeed upgrade: Full ABT Sportsline body kit consisting of: - ABT front skirt - ABT side skirts - ABT rear skirt set incl rear diffuser and quad exhaust system - ABT rear wing - ABT carbon style number plate insert - KW Lowering springs - Kraftwerk Performance upgrade to 260 HP / 190 kw and 378 Nm - 0 to 100 km/h is 5 sec.  

14 03, 2012

VW Scirocco, ABT SportsLine Body Kit and ABT Quad Exhaust System

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VW Scirocco in its standard factory appearance, about to go through ABT SportsLine transformation. Upgrade includes installation of full ABT aerodynamic body kit and quad exhaust. Detailed view of VW Scirocco's OEM front bumper bar and grill, to be fully modified with ABT SportsLine aerodynamic body kit components. Interior view of Volkswagen Scirocco with leather seats. Detailed view of VW Scirocco audio system. Rear view of mostly standard VW Scirocco with its OEM exhaust. VW Scirocco installed with ABT SportsLine front bumper bar and front grill. You can see the ABT badge on the newly installed grill. Detailed view of ABT SportsLine aerodynamic front bumper bar on VW Scirocco. VW Scirocco with full ABT aerodynamic body kit upgrade, which includes front bumper bar, front grill, side skirts, rear bumper bar, boot lid, rear diffuser and various ABT badges. Detailed view of ABT SportsLine rear diffuser and ABT quad exhaust system installed on