17 09, 2015

Mercedes Benz SLS Class AMG Convertible Suspension Lift Kit

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The Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster is powered by a 6.2-litre V8 that produces 420kW of power and 650Nm of torque. The Roadster’s performance data is: 0-100km/h in 3.8 seconds, 0-200km/h in 11.3 seconds, top speed of 317km/h, with a combined cycle fuel consumption of 13.3 litres/100km. This incredible Mercedes Benz AMG SLS Class Convertible 2011 was brought into our workshop for an installation of coil over’s as well as an installation of a KW lift kit. During this process, our workshop removed all the old struts and rebuilt with KW adjusters and springs.  Also installed was a hydraulic pump which runs lines to all four of the struts. After the installation, the ride heights were set and the hydraulic system was checked. The lift kit heightens the car which prevents scrapping of the bumper and undercar when at an incline.

2 08, 2012

Brabus Program for the SLS AMG

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Carbon Fibre, Handling and Ultra Lightweight! BRABUS Refines the Mercedes SLS AMG Carbon fibre, handling and ultra lightweight! That’s the guiding principle of BRABUS for refining the Mercedes SLS AMG. The exclusive sport program comprises aerodynamic-enhancement components made from carbon fibre, ultra-lightweight forged wheels, an electronically adjustable smooth-ride suspension (Ride Control) suspension, a titanium exhaust system with bypass gate, and BRABUS leather. Extremely light yet enormously strong carbon fibre identical to the one used in Formula 1 racing was chosen as the material for the BRABUS aerodynamic-enhancement components. The components were developed in the wind tunnel. They give the gullwing car an even more striking appearance while optimizing its aerodynamic properties. All components are available either made from clear-coated carbon fiber for a true racing flair or can be painted to match or contrast with the car’s exterior colour. The front fascia of the coupe receives a visual upgrade with the BRABUS front spoiler. But

2 08, 2012

The BRABUS WIDESTAR Wide Version for the Mercedes SLS

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Custom-Tailored Designer Suit: The BRABUS WIDESTAR Wide Version for the Mercedes SLS Lending an exclusive automobile an even more dominant presence is the domain of BRABUS. The new BRABUS WIDESTAR wide version represents a custom-tailored designer suit for the Mercedes SLS AMG. In addition to the extravagant high-tech carbon-fiber body program for the gullwing the tuner also offers ultralight forged wheels, an electronically adjustable Ride Control smooth-ride suspension, a titanium high-performance exhaust system with electronically controlled sound management and custom BRABUS interiors. To give the SLS an even more muscular appearance the BRABUS designers have developed custom-tailored BRABUS WIDESTAR components for the rear axle. Like all other body components they are made from extremely light yet very strong carbon fibers identical to the ones used in Formula 1 racing. The add-on parts for the rear fenders and the rear fascia create an even more spectacular look and make room for special wheels that widen the

2 08, 2012

BRABUS Ride Control for the SLS AMG

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The BRABUS Ride Control suspension for the new Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG has electric adjustable dampers. The driver may chose between a comfortable or a sporty setting, handled by a additional button in the centre console of the car. The SLS may be adjusted as the customer wishes, adapted to the road conditions or driving situation. The lowering of the car can be set individually by the screw thread of the BRABUS Ride Control suspension. The BRABUS Ride Control suspension for the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG consists of: 2 x special dampers "Ride Control" front 2 x special spring front 2 x special dampers "Ride Control" rear 2 x special spring rear ECU "Ride Control" control unit BRABUS "Ride Control" for centre console

29 05, 2012

MANSORY Cormeum – super sports car in a striking carbon shell

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The MANSORY Cormeum leaves few reminders of the Mercedes SLS AMG. The sports car manufactured in Affalterbach is only the basis for the latest development of the automobile manufacturer MANSORY Design & Holding GmbH situated in Brand near Bayreuth. 660 hp and 90 kg less weight are only two unique selling points of this exceptional automobile which can only be obtained in a limited edition of 15 cars. At first glance, the striking design created by its owner and head designer Kourosh Mansory can easily be discerned. Also the name was picked personally by Kourosh Mansory: An aria was already the source of his inspiration for the refined Bugatti Veyron (Vincerò) and this time this is the aria Vide Cor meum. In order to meet the increased requirements of the sports car when it comes to light weight and torsional stiffness, Kourosh Mansory's team optimises almost the entire car body and also exchanges the roof and the wing doors with ultra-light