12 08, 2015

Rolls-Royce Ghost Series II NOVITEC Group SPOFEC Black One

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NOVITEC Group presents SPOFEC Black One. Black designer outfit, matte gold-coloured 22-inch wheels  and 709 horsepower for the Rolls-Royce Ghost Series II Presented by SPOFEC, a NOVITEC GROUP Company, an exclusive SPOFEC Black One modification has now been released for the Rolls-Royce Ghost Series II. This luxury sedan’s exterior upgrades of its elegant designer outfit, the bodywork components that are finished with matte black are ex-factory chrome-plated. Also, SPOFEC has fitted this Rolls-Royce Ghost Series II with matte gold-coloured 22-inch wheels. The SPOFEC ride-height lowering provides an even more dramatic setting for the larger wheels and optimizes the car’s handling thanks to the lowered center of gravity. The arrangement of the carbon-ceramic high-performance braking system, is what makes the SPOFEC Black One perfectly prepared for the increase in power output and torque of the 6.6-liter V12 twin-turbo engine to 521 kW / 709 HP and 974 Nm. With it, the upgraded luxury liner zooms from 0

7 10, 2014

Rolls Royce Ghost Spofec Tuning Program

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SPOFEC a new business division for NOVITEC GROUP now also offers exclusive refinement for Rolls-Royce automobiles. For starters there is a complete program for the Rolls-Royce Ghost. RamSpeed is able to offer all modifications and enhancements for the new Ghost including specialised Carbon components, forged wheels and lowering modules.