19 11, 2014

ABT SportsLine Enhancements And Modifications For VW Touareg I 2014 Model RamSpeed

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The Bavarian company ABT SportsLine have come up with some fresh and innovative enhancements and modifications for the VW Touareg I 2014 Model. From aerodynamics to engine performance, everything is redone and enhanced on a grander scale. Care has been taken in regard to engine tuning and the exhaust for achieving more than optimum performance levels.  Here are the specs of what they have done: Engine and performance: The engine has been boosted from the standard 4,2 TDI 250 kW (340 HP), 800 Nm to approx. to a skyrocketing 283 kW (385 HP), 880 Nm. We don’t have to really say it out loud the importance of proper functioning of an overclocked engine. ABT has made the engine enhancements such that the engine is not affected in the long run by it and have aimed for a stable build and performance. Aerodynamics: The exterior sports an ABT Front grille in Chrome color including the ABT

16 12, 2010

ABT Sportsline Enhancement Program For VW Touareg 2010 Model RamSpeed

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ABT Sportsline is not your run of the mill tuner company and neither are its products. They have proven this once again by introducing their enhancement program for the VW Touareg 2010 Model. From power enhancement to superior body enhancements on the exterior to butter smooth ride quality with hi-tech suspension, it seems they have put everything in this. Here’s an in-depth look at what has been done: Engine and performance: The engine has been spruced up to 283 kW (385 HP), 880 Nm from the standard 4,2 TDI 250 kW (340 HP), 800 Nm to approx. This clearly provides more power and bhp from the engine, and of course, overclocked, but the engine has been tuned to a safe extent. Aerodynamics: Coming to the exterior, the car sports an ABT Front Grille, an ABT Rear Wing an ABT rear skirt set. The material used for making it is PUR and is of premium quality.