28 05, 2015

Volkswagen Golf 7 GTi and GTD Caractere Tuning Program

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Caractere now offers a complete styling package for the Volkswagen Golf 7 GTi/GTD. This includes an aerodynamic body kit, Caractere CW1 wheels in silver or graphite, a sports exhaust system and additional power. The styling kit consists of: – Caractere front spoiler with contoured air intake surrounds – Caractere rear diffuser with or without exhaust silencer – Caractere sport roof spoiler – Caractere rear hatch blend – Caractere side skirts The additional power upgrade by Caractere is unique to each vehicle and enhances the performance and torque while reducing the consumption. Caractere also offers their light alloy CW1 wheel in a number of sizes and colours. To further enhance the performance of the vehicle is the stainless steel exhaust system with 2 tailpipes which also gives the Golf 7 a deep sporty sound.

14 10, 2014

Volkswagen VW Golf Mk VII 7 ECU Performance Upgrades

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We have a nice little ECU re flash Stage 1 tune available from KraftWerk Performance. German ECU Software developers have come up with even more power out of the exciting new Golf GTi Mark 7 VII   On top of the standard 162 Kw, we add additional 48 Kw on the top of the rev range and an exciting 60 Nm of torque (almost a 20% increase!). For customers looking for a stealth installation, we also offer ECU Power modules which are easy to fit. Talk to us about power, exhaust and suspension upgrades for all VW Golf 7 applications.