3 08, 2012

Carlsson Sport Silencers for E-Class Saloon (W212)

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Carlsson Sport Silencers for E-Class Saloon (W212) As of now there’s a large assortment of exhaust systems available for the latest E-Class saloon. For every type of engine Carlsson engineers have developed a suitable sport rear silencer including the lined tailpipes with the measures 225x90mm. Naturally, each part is made of premium stainless steel to guarantee a long-lasting durability The tailpipes are also available without the rear silencer, of course. The added assembly kit also includes all necessary holders to attach the tailpipes to a standard Mercedes exhaust system.

30 07, 2012

Program for E63 AMG W212

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Mercedes E-Class E63 AMG Even more power and exclusive accessories for the latest top-of-the-line E-Class model, the E63 AMG: With BRABUS B63 S engine tuning, power output of both sedan and wagon jumps to 555 hp and their top speed jumps to 200 mph. The fast-revving 6.3-liter V8 becomes even more powerful with the BRABUS B63 S performance kit. The conversion consists of two sport air filters, free-flow metal catalysts and newly programmed engine electronics. The tuning kit bumps power output of the engine from the standard 525 hp by 30 hp. Simultaneously peak torque grows from 464 to 479 lb-ft at 5,400 rpm. BRABUS recommends fully synthetic ARAL high-performance motor oil. Equipped with the BRABUS B63 S kit, the sprint time from rest to 62 mph is shortened to 4.3 seconds and in combination with the BRABUS V/max unit top speed jumps to up to 200 mph, depending on the speed rating of the

30 07, 2012

BRABUS Valve Exhaust System for Mercedes Benz E63 AMG W212

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BRABUS valve controlled exhaust system consisting of: Middle silencer Rear silencer left and right Brabus twin tailpipes in titanium grey finish ceramic coated Exhaust system is operated via a switch in the centre console. Driver can switch between 'quiet' mode (valves closed) and 'loud' mode (valves open) BRABUS Exhaust Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XIuVrdN5eYs

26 07, 2012

Brabus Program for E-Class W212

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Mercedes Benz E-Class W212 BRABUS's exclusive tuning program created just for the Mercedes Benz E-Class W212 model series has arrived. Some exciting highlights of the program are the BRABUS 6.1 displacement engine with 462 hp (456 bhp) / 340 kw for the E500 (E550 in the US), a sporty yet elegant aerodynamic-enhancement program, light-alloy wheels with diameters of up to 20 inches, matching suspension solutions, a high-performance brake system and exclusive interior upgrades. Also, read about the Brabus E Class Coupe here. Mercedes Benz E Class W212 Brabus rear spoiler Mercedes Benz E Class W212 Brabus monoblock wheels

26 07, 2012

EV12 Program for E-Class W212

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BRABUS EV12 Program for the E-Class BRABUS E V12 The World’s Most Inconspicuous Way of Travelling at 370 km/h At the Frankfurt Motor Show IAA 2009 the BRABUS E V12 “one of ten” launched the fourth generation of the unique high-performance sedan based on the latest Mercedes E-Class. The limited and sold-out edition of just ten cars set itself apart with its BRABUS SV12 R Biturbo 800 twelve-cylinder displacement engine with 800 hp (788 bhp) / 588 kW, a top speed in excess of 370 km/h (230 mph) and with its spectacular racing looks that included cowlings for the rear wheel houses, and a rear wing. Now BRABUS offers a markedly understated version of the BRABUS E V12. It features almost identical technology, wrapped in an only slightly modified E-Class sedan body, and offers the same one-of-a-kind driving experience: 800 hp (788 bhp) / 588 kW and a peak torque of 1,420 Nm (1,047 lb-ft) accelerate