4 11, 2013

BMW Carbon Fibre Headlight Covers

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RamSpeed now has some carbon fibre eyelids for the BMW X5, X6, X5M and X6M models. These carbon eyelids maintain the elegant BMW design while adding a more aggressive look. Made with flexible FRP wrapped in 3K twill weave carbon fibre and to specifically fit and follow the curve of the headlights. Installation is simple as aligning the eyelids to the hood and bumper and taping them onto the headlights.  

28 05, 2012

Nice Cars in Our Workshop

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Ferrari F458 in our workshop. Detailed view of Ferrari F458's wheels and caliper. Interior view of Ferrari F458. Detailed view of Ferrari F458 engine. Rear view of Ferrari F458 exhausts. BMW M3 in our workshop. Rear view of BMW M3 exhaust. BMW X5M in our workshop. Rear view of BMW X5M.